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Freedom Defense Advocates is a political action committee that works to defend our American freedom. Our first project was exposing Mitt Romney's Mormon ties . . . and how they pose danger spiritually AND politically. Next, we are exposing Sen. Barack Obama's radical left-wing record AND his ties to a racist church.

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Important Links

•  Cults-a-la-carte

Cults a la Carte is a collection of classic Christian videos.

The first series is The Kingdom of the Cults, featuring Dr. Walter Martin, the foremost expert in the world on cults that have their origin in the United States. There is nothing like this collection anywhere!

The second series is The Miracle of Manti and The Gods in Paradise, which is the largest and most qualified series of videos on the cult of Mormonism in the world. This series is hosted by Don Stewart who is a best-selling author as well as an expert on religious cults and the Christian faith.
Important Links

•  Saints Alive

Saints Alive is a Christian nonprofit corporation founded upon the call of God to witness Jesus to those lost in Mormonism and other cults. Many of them are "Born Again" ex-Mormons who have found the Real Jesus Christ and have received him as Lord and Savior. Their staff and fellow workers are people who feel the clear and unmistakable call of God to minister Jesus Christ, in love, to the cults and have the solid witness of the indwelling Christ.


Exposing the TRUTH
Dangerous Candidates
       by Freedom Defense Advocates

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney More than ever before in our history, the American people are faced with a plethora of candidates who pose a danger to our way of life. While most people are familiar with Sen. Hillary Clinton's past, far fewer recognize the imminent danger Sen. Barack Obama and former Gov. Mitt Romney pose.

While Romney has dropped out of the race (actually, he merely "suspended" his campaign, leaving him in a position to raise funds AND possibly resurrect the campaign), he is actively seeking the vice presidential slot on a ticket with presumed nominee Sen. John McCain. This would possibly place Mitt Romney a heartbeat from the presidency. For this reason, Freedom Defense Advocates is continuing to signal the alarm about a Mitt Romney/Mormon presidency.

Likewise, Sen. Obama appears to be a fresh faced candidate, offering "hope" and "change" for America. What lies beneath the surface of his carefully crafted image is truly scary.

To read more about Mitt Romney, click HERE. To read about Barack Obama, click HERE.

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